Super Dope – Cherry Popperz


The Super Hentai Series (aka The Popperz Series) attempts to carry the torch of the popular Lemon Cherry Gelato strain by taking on a unique twist. Over the years, LCG has become a global sensation with many people referencing it in many different ways but with the same expectation. Candy terps.  As some serious connoisseurs, we know that this beloved strain is more than just the hype surrounding it and we wanted to deconstruct the whole LCG spectrum and profile to give you a 3 part series.

Cherry Popperz, leans in on the “Cherry” notes giving it a complex blend of cherry pits and the classic LCG profile. Being the first product of the first series released, we really wanted to shock the senses and we made sure not hold back on going all the way with the concept.

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