Road Trip Magic Gummies


Much as cannabis has long been baked into brownies and is now flooding the DC market in chocolates and gummies, psilocybin mushrooms can be put into edibles. Once a niche product, these psychedelic goodies are predicted to be increasingly available as laws around the medicinal and recreational use of mushrooms are relaxed. Road Trip psilocybin edibles mask mushrooms’ earthy taste, while commercial edibles may contain just psilocybin extract and no mushroom matter, reducing side effects. They come in several flavors, with each flavor having it’s own unique strain!

• Hawaiian Punch (Hawaiian Magic)
• Grape (Blue Meanies)
• Strawberry Kiwi (Albino Goldies)
• Cherry Lime (Penis Envy)
• Mango Passionfruit (Golden Teacher)

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Weight 4 g

Albino Goldies, Blue Meanie, Golden Teacher, Hawaiian Magic, Penis Envy

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